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Saturn Web Hosting Glossary
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Advanced database that allows you to store variables such as customer data. Most advanced ecommerce sites use this database because of its reliability and speed.
Hypertext Preprocessor - PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web site development. PHP is easy for a beginner, but also offers many advanced features.
Active Server Page - An HTML page including one or more scripts processed on a Microsoft web server before the page is sent to the user. An ASP is similar to SSI or a CGI application because they are programs that run on the server, generally providing web page information for the end user.
Common Gateway Interface - CGI Scripts have many uses such as site searches, guestbooks, web polls and on and on. There are hundreds of free CGI Scripts (and professional scripts) available on the web. Having a CGI-BIN included with your hosting package allows you to take advantage of these resources.
POP3 Email
Common email accounts. POP3 boxes allow you to download, read and manage your email using an email client such as Outlook or Netscape.
Secure Server SSL
Server that encrypts information sent to the website so hackers can not intercept the input data from the website. SSL is a standard for transmitting confidential data such as credit card numbers over the Internet.
Password Protection
Allows you to create a members only site or have a members only section of your website. A visitor will have to enter a password you provide before they can access the protected area.
Auto Responders
Automated program that acknowledges receipt of an e-mail message by sending back a previously prepared email to the sender.

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